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    Cured ham "GRAN RESERVA" + OF 20 MONTHS OF HEALINGHAM IB. FROM BABOComing from Iberian pigs reared in intensive regime, fed with cereals and legumes (wheat, corn, barley, beans, etc).You can buy it as a whole piece, deboned or cut manually and vacuum packed in packs of approximately 100 grams.

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    Paleta ibérica de Jabugo. Puede adquirirla como pieza entera, deshuesado o cortado manualmente y envasado al vacío en paquetes de 100 gramos aproximadamente. Esta paleta proviene del cerdo ibérico criado en semilibertad por lo cual adquieren una caña fina y tienen una alimentación basada en cereales, frutos e hierbas silvestres procedentes de la dehesa.

    49,90 € 57,90 €
  • Palette ib. from Jabugo. You can buy it as a whole piece, deboned or cut manually and vacuum packed in packs of approximately 100 grams. This palette comes from the Iberian pig raised in semi-freedom, so they acquire a fine cane and have a diet based on cereals, fruits and wild herbs from the pasture.

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    Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder "CERTIFIED WITH 100% IBERIAN BLACK PRECINCT" You can buy it as a whole piece, deboned or cut manually and vacuum packed in packs of approximately 100 grams. Palette from Iberian pigs fed in the montanera based on chestnuts, wild herbs and mainly ACORNS.

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  • Gourmet product with limited units. Made with thyme honey and virgin honeycomb inside. It contains honey, royal jelly, propolis and pollen, so all the properties of each of the products are enhanced by the others. format: 480gr glass jar

    8,00 €
  • NATURAL SOAPS. Sales format: 150gr pills. Propolis Soap Marseille Soap with Olive Oil Honey soap Royal Jelly Soap

    3,00 €
  • Honey made with a totally artisanal process based on nectar and other sugary substances that bees collect in the Sierra de Aracena, located in the Natural Park of the Sierra of Aracena and Picos de Aroche. * Sales format: boats with an approximate weight of 500gr.

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  • LOT OF IBERIAN PRODUCTS Nº4 - Paleta "El chaparral de jabugo" (3,5 to 4 kg aprox) -1/2 chorizo ​​cular de acorn (500 gr) -1/2 cucumber sausage acorn (500gr) ) - 1 tin of oil olipaterna 250 ml - 1 can of loin zurrapa - 1 can of classic pate -1 pack of jabuguitos

    69,90 €
  • Product made according to the tradition of Jabugo with the best Iberian meats. Its natural wrapping is pork tripe, so its healing is slow and artisan. * Sales format : can be purchased in half pieces (500 gr approx) or in whole pieces (approx 1Kg) .

    6,90 €
  • Sliced ​​loin from 100% Iberian pigs reared in the wild in the pasture and fed with acorns. Sales format: you can buy half pieces (approx 600gr) or whole pieces (approx 1.2Kg)

    22,90 €
  • Goat cheese made with organic milk, with the traditional flavor of a lifetime. Available in two formats: - Small pieces of 350 gr approximately. - Medium pieces of approximately 750 gr.

    6,50 €
  • Sheep cheese cured of raw milk, with a trational flavor reminiscent of the cheese of yesteryear and an ideal texture. Sales format : - PARTS WITH AN APPROXIMATE WEIGHT OF 3 KG - 1/2 PIECE WITH AN APPROXIMATE WEIGHT OF 1,500KG - 1/4 PIECE WITH AN APPROXIMATE WEIGHT OF 0,750 GR

    44,00 €
  • Queso "sudao", a very famous goat in the south of Extremadura and the cool Sierra de Aracena for its incomparable but creamy texture and intense flavor. Made with raw Serrana and Retinta goat milk, it has a natural crust and an intense aroma. Format, piece of approximately 850gr

    13,90 €
  • Premium Whiskey of Holy Tuesday. Elaborated with completely traditional methods. It is allowed to age for four years in barrels that have previously been impregnated with cognac. Sales format : Bottle of 70 cl.

    17,00 €
  • Jamón 100% Iberian acorn, from Iberian pigs fed in the montanera based on chestnuts, wild herbs and mainly ACORNS. * Sales format: envelopes of 100% Iberico ham cut by hand, with a weight of 80 gr approx.

    7,90 €
  • Sweet wine obtained from a selection of muscatel grapes from Alexandria and zalema collected in late harvest to reach a high degree of sweetness, where the alcohol added to alcoholize the must has been previously macerated with dehydrated lemon peels, a unique mix of different varieties of lemon Eureka, Verna and Fino that give it some very unique citrus...

    7,90 €
  • Wineries "CERRO SAN CRISTOBA", (Almonaster la real) FORMAT: CNT glass bottle. 75 CL, ALC .. 14% VOL It is an ideal wine for the youngest and to be able to share every day of the year. Its cheerful fruit and its young character result in a wine sweet, fresh, rich and easy to drink, perfect companion of the local gastronomy and the funniest moments.

    6,30 €

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